Origin 011 | Introduction

“And how, precisely, is one species meant to learn from another?”*

My name is Paul Evans and I am a visual artist based in Sheffield, UK.

My practice encompasses a variety of creative strategies including drawing, painting and animation. I use these to explore the complex field of relationships that exists between human beings and the natural world. I often work collaboratively, in series, or through installations and web sites that create connections between apparently disparate elements; my aim is to offer subtle adjustments – or challenges – to the prevailing anthropocentric world view.

Origin 011 is a continuation of the work that I have created for two previous projects: Origin 09 and Origin 010.

Documentation of this body of work can be viewed at:



Origin 011 has a variety of outputs, many of which are still ongoing.

The first – a commission for Museums Sheffield – was completed in January 2012. This was a life-sized drawing of a killer whale which featured as part of the ‘Under the Sea’ exhibition curated by Rowena Hamilton.

The second, ‘The Beast Within’ consists of a series of large (1m x 1.5m) drawings of intestinal parasites that was first exhibited at Manchester Museum in late 2012. The drawings are now permanently located within the department of Life Sciences at Manchester University.

Details of further project outputs – including a series of new collaborations with poets and designers – will be posted as the project develops.

Paul Evans, May 30, 2012

*David Rothenburg, Survival of the Beautiful: Art Science and Evolution

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